Would Jehovah’s Witnesses find consolation if their most outspoken Governing Body member were to admit that he personally disdains the door to door preaching activity?

On August 2nd at the 2014 International Assembly held in Washington D.C., Anthony Morris revealed that he will not miss the public door to door ministry one bit.

During the Saturday afternoon keynote address, Morris declares:

“I’ve told folks for years – ‘You think I’m gonna miss the door to door work when it’s done?’… UH-UH …. NO WAY.”

He then proceeds to describe an irreverent scenario of a future conversation with God, where he sarcastically says: “You know Jehovah, I just miss the door to door… I just love gettin’ screamed at and mistreated…I just don’t feel the same without it.”

He reinforces his point by concluding: “NOT GONNA HAPPEN.”

Not only does Morris reveal the harsh reality of the drudgery and rejection experienced while knocking on doors, he makes a mockery of the very work which over 8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses find themselves obligated to perform.

One would imagine that Mr. Morris would choose his words carefully, given an audience of more than 60,000 loyal adherents. However, instead of portraying the ministry as positive and enjoyable, he slipped up and revealed the dirty little secret every Witness is thinking when they step out of the car, briefcase in hand, and approach the first door of the day: